About Us

We are a team of 15 graduate students in City Planning, Public Health, and Transportation Engineering. This project aims to facilitate a conversation about the future of transportation between the East Bay and San Francisco. There are big questions to be answered: Should we build a new transit crossing? Who would pay for it? How might it affect travel patterns and land use? Our report provides a starting place and shared context for the region to begin to tackle these questions.

We are part of the Department of City and Regional Planning in the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, with support from the University of California Transportation Center and The Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Studio Members
Michael Alston, MCP/MS 2016
Kate Beck, MCP/MPH 2018
Jordan Brooks, MCP/MS 2017
Anne deBoer, MCP 2017
Teddy Forscher, MCP/MS 2016
Alex Garbier, MCP/MS 2017
Yiyan Ge, MCP/MS 2016
Thomas Gonzales, MCP 2017
Dov Kadin, MCP 2017
Evan Knopf, MCP 2017
Ryan Reeves, MCP 2017
Travis Richards, MCP/MPH 2017
Henry Ryu, MCP 2017
Peter Smith, MCP 2017
Paul Sohn, MCP/MS 2016

Professor Karen Trapenberg Frick

Contact: info@thirdcrossing.org